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Susan’s List is the resource you need to help find a business or service that promotes accessibility,
adaptability, and respect for the disability community.

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If you are searching to enhance the life of an individual with a disability feel free to use this website as your resource. Here’s the list of resources.

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Susan’s List criteria

The overall appearance and ease of access of the business must serve people with all types of disabilities. This rating takes into consideration all external and internal features of the building, parking lot, entrances and exits, restrooms, and maneuverability.
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Adaptable businesses level the playing field by going above and beyond the call to serve the disability community by altering their establishment or service offerings. This rating measures the innovative changes undergone by the business to fit disabilities of all kinds. Find out more
It’s important that employees and volunteers represent the business with attitudes of respect and inclusivity. This rating helps ensure that individuals with disabilities are treated fairly and that the interaction between the provider and the user is positive.
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I met Mary when she was starting Susan’s List. Her drive and ambition to help the disability community was so impressive, I knew then that her vision would positively influence those she served.