Service providers may ask to be a part of Susan’s List, or they may be recommended by individuals who are familiar with them. There is a form for providers here and one for those making recommendations here.

After a form is submitted, the vetting process, which can include an interview, an assessment based on the Susan’s List criteria, and contacting references, begins. After successful completion of the vetting process, the provider is accepted as an affiliate.

Under no circumstances, can any resource or provider pay to be accepted to Susan’s List. Inclusion on Susan’s List is based solely on the results of the objective and stringent vetting process we employ.
Yes, Susan is my daughter. She was born in 1986 with Down syndrome. And she is the inspiration behind Susan’s List.
Susan’s List was founded in September 2016 to help people with disabilities, their families, caregivers, and friends find opportunities and services. Susan’s List was born out of our frustration at trying to locate providers both for necessities, such as doctors, and for recreational/social activities. Our goal is to make this process easier for the disability community.
Even though we created Susan’s List based on our experience in the world of Down syndrome, the resources included on Susan’s List meet the needs of the broadest spectrum of disabilities and ages. Whether you are looking for an attorney who specializes in guardianship, a contractor who can retro-fit your home for someone who has difficulties with mobility, or a speech/language pathologist for a child with expressive language delays, you will find what you need here, on Susan’s List.
There is absolutely no fee to use Susan’s List.
At Susan’s List, we appreciate input and inquiries from our users and affiliates. Please contact us at
Navigating the Susan’s List website is straightforward. Click on the Find an Affiliate tab. You can then tailor your search by topic (e.g., dance lessons), geographic area (zip code, city, county, state), and category. The resources that match your search criteria will display on the page. The entry will include the name of the resource, contact information, a link to their website, and a description of services. We will keep this information as current as possible.
Feedback from users is vital to members of the disability community who are searching Susan’s List for resources. There is a rating system in place on the website, and we encourage you to use it. Reviews are anonymous unless you provide your name.
It is the ultimate goal of Susan’s List to provide a thorough compilation of resources for the disability community across the country. We invite users of the website to recommend providers, services, and opportunities in other parts of the country. You can do so by completing the form here.

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