Susan’s List grew from the frustration and failure we experienced in attempting to find activities, health care, and services for our daughter Susan who was born with Down Syndrome in 1986. It was somewhat easier when we lived in the same area where she was born, and when she was in school. Having a prenatal diagnosis gave us the time to seek out geneticists and neonatologists who, in turn, referred us to other parents of children with Down Syndrome. Soon we were firmly established in a routine of medical specialists, therapists, and early intervention programs that filled our days, weeks, and months.

During Susan’s lifetime, our family has moved twice, the latest one being more difficult because she had aged out of the school system and its accompanying resources. Of more significance to us was the fact that she had a circle of support which we had to leave behind. Our search to fill the impending void began even before our actual move, and was minimally successful. We found ourselves wondering why there was no single, reliable, comprehensive repository of information about opportunities, providers, and services for the disability community. It was at this moment that the seeds for Susan’s List were planted.

Our mission is to create an accessible network of resources to which individuals with disabilities and the people who care for, and about, them can confidently go to find what they need and want. Inclusion in Susan’s List cannot be purchased, and each member is carefully scrutinized to ensure compliance with our standards. It is our promise that all information will be accurate and current. In this way, Susan’s List will be a valuable asset for the disability community.